Since 1994 - IMiX’s management team have over 20 years of software development success within Wealth Management.

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IMiX is a front to middle office web based Investment Management platform with a multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-company tier system which combines a range of dynamic tools and services designed to analyse and master the complexity of Investment Management.

Investment Software Ltd has produced an application whose focus is to become the leading front & middle office solution. We launched IMiX in 2010 and we now have over 30 satisfied clients.




We pride ourselves on our customer service skills and have dedicated business analysts available to assist you every step of the way.

Being flexible is a necessity in order to fulfil your evolving business requirements. We understand that there may be times where you require something out of the ordinary at very short notice. We promise to use all the resources at our disposal to meet those requirements.

Our delivery record is second to none due to our agile environment. We believe we can successfully deliver on projects quicker than the industry norm.

Since 1995 we have been producing and implementing market leading software. CGiX has attained and more importantly maintained ‘best of Breed’ status within the taxation software industry. Carrying on from the success of CGiX, IMiX has moved quickly and now has 30 clients in the Wealth, Investment and Fund Management industries.

We like to work closely with our clients, building strong and lasting relationships. When we understand and share the same values and ambitions of our clients we can become an integral part of our client’s team.


• Order Management with multiple interfaces
• Pre and Post Trade Compliance
• Portfolio Modelling & Rebalancing (Asset Allocation)
• Web Portal
• Real time Performance Measurement
• Comprehensive Reporting Suite
• MIFID II compatible
• Fee calculation and reporting
• Settlement Processing 


               OTHER IMiX FEATURES:

• Coded in house from ground up to do what it’s supposed to do 
• Scalable
• Multi company (tenant) structure in its design
• Focused functionality of front to middle office
• Service orientated
• Predominantly referral led marketing and Business Development
• Focus on being the best at what we do
• Client and product focused user groups 


We would be delighted to demonstrate IMiX at your convenience.
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